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We have been operating on the market for over 10 years. When creating website designs, we try to go for quality, not quantity. We place great emphasis on good relations with regular customers. This gives us a solid basis for stable development and expanding our offer. Many of the projects we implement have long ceased to function - but even more have developed and today they employ a lot of people. We present only the latest works on the website, as it seems to us that websites created 10 years ago would not meet the tastes of today's recipients. Our operating system:

  • Creating a website or online store
  • Learning about the specifics of the industry
  • Optimizing the website for the keywords we suggest
  • Advertising of the website in social media and Google
  • Constant support of clients in their development

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Over 10 years of experience in creating websites and shops

10 years of experience in working with clients has taught me how important it is to look at every problem from the perspective of my client as well as the target client. I have been sharing this knowledge for several years at training courses conducted jointly with the Media 3.0 Foundation. I have already trained over 500 people on creating websites and online stores, as well as advertising on Facebook. However, there is still a lot to learn ahead of me.

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Frequently asked questions

Here and here. Facebook is perfect for acquiring new customers and building brand image. In Google Ads, thanks to a great tool such as remarketing, we are able to remind customers who have already been to our website and thus close the sales bracket.

No. Our clients often come from the far corners of Europe. We have sometimes created stores for customers in Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Włochy, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Mamy cennik ale jest on przeznaczony dla nas jako punkt orientacyjny. Każdy projekt wyceniany jest indywidualnie przez co nie upubliczniamy go aby nie wprowadzać klientów w błąd. 

Yes, we sometimes accept apprentices. If you are interested in completing an internship, send your CV to our e-mail.