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We will create an effective advertising campaign in Google Ads that will meet the intended goals.

Thanks to us, your ads will translate into real sales results!

The Google search engine is a place where millions of Internet users search for information, goods and services every day. Your company cannot be missing here! Advertising on Google is a quick way to reach your customers. We will create a campaign for you in Google Ads that will perfectly present your offer and encourage you to take advantage of it. We always try to provide our clients with the highest level of quality in the services we offer. Why is it worth using Google Ads?Advertising on Googleto szybki sposób aby dotrzeć do swoich klientów. Stworzymy dla Ciebie campaign in Google Ads, która doskonale przedstawi Twoją ofertę i zachęci do skorzystania z niej.

Zawsze staramy się zapewnić naszym klientom najwyższy poziom jakościw oferowanych przez nas usługach. Dlaczego warto skorzystać zGoogle Ads?

Your Google Ads campaign will:

Increase brand awareness:Increase brand awareness: Advertising on Google Ads allows you to reach a wide range of users, which contributes to increasing brand awareness. You can display ads in search results or on partner sites, touching potential customers as they search for information related to your industry.
Achieve fast results:Achieve fast results: Google Ads generate immediate results. Once your campaign is launched, you can see your ad at the top of the search results within minutes. This means that you can quickly reach your target group and start generating traffic to your website or online store.
Extremely measurable:Extremely measurable: Google Ads offers advanced analytics tools that allow you to precisely track campaign performance. You can monitor clicks, conversions, conversion rates, advertising costs, and more. This gives you full control over ad performance and allows you to adjust your strategy based on real data.
Competitive:Competitive: By using Google Ads, you can compete with other companies in your industry. If your ads are well-optimized and engaging, you can easily break through the competition and gain the attention of potential customers.

Your benefits from Google Ads:

Ability to test and cost-effective:Testability and profitability: Google Ads allows you to run A/B tests, where you can compare different ad variants, landing pages and campaign settings. This allows you to see which elements are most effective and optimize your ads to maximize your return on investment.
Influencing users to close the sale:Influencing users to close the sale: Ads on Google Ads allow you to reach users when they are actively interested in buying or looking for information about your product or service. You can use strategic messages and incentives to get them to close a sale or take a desired action.
Precise ad targeting:Precise advertising targeting: Google Ads allows you to precisely target your ad so that you can reach the right audience. You can specify demographics, interests, purchasing behavior and many other factors to tailor your ads to your target audience. This saves your advertising budget by only targeting people who are more likely to convert..
Reaching the desired audience:Reaching the audience you want: Google Ads gives you the opportunity to reach people who are actively looking for the products or services you offer. With search ads, you can appear at the top of the results when a user types queries related to your industry. This means that you reach potential customers when they are ready to make a purchase decision.
Policy transparency:Policy transparency: Google Ads offers transparent advertising policies and guidelines. Ad quality guidelines exist to help maintain a high standard of advertising on the platform. Google constantly updates its policies to ensure fairness, security, and value for advertisers and users.

We are an official partner of Google.

Being an authorized Google partner means that our agency has been authorized by Google as a business partner that meets certain requirements and quality standards in the area of ​​Google Ads. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our agency provides:

Certified specialists
Trusted by other companies
Campaign effectiveness
Additional support and tools
Competitive advantageCompetitive advantage

What are the two advertising models in Google Search?

Organic reach and SEO positioning

This type of advertising is based on optimizing your website and content to rank high in organic search results. It is a lengthy process that requires content optimization, link building, and other SEO strategies. Organic ads appear directly in search results and do not require a direct pay-per-click. A good SEO strategy can help you rank high in organic results, which contributes to increased visibility and website traffic.

After all, if you use the services of an interactive agency that is to position your website in a high position in the Google search engine, you have to take into account the costs. You can take care of basic positioning on your own, but it may not be enough.

Paid Google Ads

This is an advertising model in which advertisers pay for displaying or clicking on their ad. Google Ads is an advertising platform that allows you to create and manage advertising campaigns in various formats, such as text ads, Google Display Network (GDN) ads, video ads, image ads, etc. These ads are displayed at the top and bottom of search results and on Google partner sites. Advertisers set a budget, define keywords, and choose the right settings to reach their target audience. They only pay when a user clicks on their ad or meets a specific advertising objective, such as completing a purchase.

We are the team that will configure your Google Ads advertising campaign.
który skonfiguruje Twoją kampanie reklamową Google Ads.

The range of advertising companies’ services, their quality and prices may vary, usually ranging from 5% to 30% of the campaign budget. The higher the campaign budget, the lower the percentage of these costs. That is why it is worth getting acquainted with the offer and service package of a given company. Now the question is, what budget do we need for the advertising campaign itself?
Teraz pytanie, jaki budżet potrzebujemy na samą kampanię reklamową?

What affects the price of a Google Ads ad?

The price of advertising on Google Ads depends on many factors that may affect its final cost. Here are some factors that have a significant impact on the price of advertising:


The greater the competition in a given sector, the more likely it is that the price of advertising will be higher. If many companies want to reach the same target group, then advertising prices can go up.

Advertising period

The period in which you want to run your ads can affect the cost. If the period is not specified, Google’s algorithms will not know how to distribute the budget in relation to the entire campaign. With a certain period – Google’s robots are able to optimize costs in relation to the time of broadcasting.

target group

The choice of the target group affects the cost of advertising. If you choose popular target groups that are often appreciated by advertisers, the price may be higher. However, if you choose a more niche target group, the cost of advertising may be lower.

Ad quality

Google Ads assigns ad quality ratings that affect its visibility and cost. If your ad is of high quality and has positive metrics, such as a high user engagement rate, your cost may be lower. Conversely, low-quality ads may have a higher price.

Data analysis

Real-time analytics is an option that our clients are eager to use. Thanks to this, we can ensure that the funds allocated to advertising will not be “spent”.

Advertising budget

Your advertising budget has the biggest impact on your Google Ads price. The bigger your budget, the greater your ability to reach more people and achieve better results.

What can the campaign goals be?

Increasing brand awareness:Increasing Brand Awareness: Advertisers may seek to increase their brand awareness by displaying ads for their logo, name and unique features on relevant pages and in search results. The goal is to reach as many potential customers as possible and build brand awareness.
Generating website traffic:Generating traffic to the website: Google Ads campaigns can be targeted to attract users to visit the website. This is especially important when the goal is to increase the number of visitors, generate new leads or online sales.
Increasing the number of conversions:Drive Conversions: Conversions are desired actions such as buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, filling out a contact form, etc. Advertisers can set a goal to drive conversions, and Google Ads campaigns can be optimized to encourage users to complete these steps specific actions.
Increasing sales:Increasing sales: Google Ads campaigns can be aimed at increasing sales of products or services. Advertisers can use different ad formats, such as text ads, image ads, or video ads, to attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to buy.

Agency Pricing in Google Ads

Budżet reklamy dla Google do 2 tys. do 5 tys. do 7 tys. do 10 tys. do 12 tys. do 15 tys. do 17 tys. do 20 tys. ponad 20 tys.
Opłata miesięczna dla agencji [netto]

PLN 800

PLN 1,200

PLN 1,400

PLN 2,000

PLN 2,500

PLN 3,000

PLN 3,400

PLN 4,200

PLN 4,200 + PLN 130 for every PLN 1,000


Google Ads are a tool that allows companies to effectively promote their products and services in the Google search engine. Thanks to this tool, you can reach a wide audience and achieve various marketing goals. The multitude of solutions and possibilities offered by the search engine also requires specialist care. You can try your hand at setting up advertising campaigns, but you have to reckon with the fact that the budget will be “blown”, which means that you will lose more than you can gain with the help of specialist help.

If you are wondering if we will be the right agency to take care of your online marketing – contact us and check if what we offer will be suitable for you.

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