• Client:Naluli
  • Date:18 December 2020
  • Category:Shop + Analytics


See the online store we have created for the Naluli company – click here -> Naluli

We had a completely free hand when creating an online store for the Naluli company. The client only informed us about the color she preferred. Our work would not be so successful, however, if it were not for the perfect preparation of the ordering party to create a store. Great-quality photos and descriptions perfectly combined with our project, which slowly translates into a good response to the store’s customers.

We proposed creating a logotype in the original color, i.e. black, but also white, so that it would be better displayed on black photos. We have connected full conversion tracking to the store, thanks to which the advertising in Google Ads or on Facebook will be properly selected and will bring better results.

All tracking is done using the Google Tag Manager, so it doesn’t slow down the page.

The page speed in Google Speed ​​Insight is 70/100, which is not a bad result, considering the very good quality of photos.

Online store with a small possibility to edit the product. Lack of regulations and basic functionalities.

Creating an elegant store based on Woocommerce. Adding 30 products with variants. Everything is only in 30 days!