• Client:Bujnie
  • Location:Warszawa
  • Date:May 2019
  • Category:Shop, Industrial
  • Time:6 Months
  • Tags:Shop, Woocommerce


See the online store –

The company already had a well-functioning store, but was not satisfied with the results of the work so far. Together, we started a long process of creating a store that will easily show the full offer.

An important point in the development of the store was the creation of the product page. Each product of the company lushly is a small work of art, so it is impossible to throw it into the rigid framework of an online store. The client wanted each product to have its own individual page with photos not only in the place where galleries are usually located, but also below. Each page presents a different story of the product and proposes different additions.

The previous store had big problems with speed – we managed to achieve 85/100 results, which is not perfect, but you have to remember about heavy, high-quality photos that must remain as they are to fully reflect the beauty of the interior and the flowerbeds themselves.

Constant cooperation with the company led us to the moment when we were asked to add a 3d version to the flowerbeds website. The flowerbeds in the 3d version were provided by the company – – thanks to their technology, each of us can use a smartphone to check how the flowerbed will present itself in our showroom.

A slow-operating shop that does not meet the customer's expectations. Poor SEO and no adaptation to mobile devices.

Creating a store based on the latest trends. Accelerate it with simultaneous expansion. Improving SEO and redirecting links from the previous version of the website to the new one.