• Client:Pako Jeans
  • Location:Rybnik
  • Date:May 2021
  • Category:Shop, Clothes
  • Time:2 Months
  • Tags:Shop, PrestaShop1.7

Pako Jeans

See the online store –

The Pako Jeans company already had an operating store, but was not satisfied with the results so far. The former online store was outdated and there were some gaps in it.

The client described in detail his expectations for the new online store. Thanks to the strong cooperation with Pako Jeans, a highly refined product was created, tailored to the customer’s needs, enriched with a large number of extensions and modifications. The store has been connected to the baselinker in such a way that it is possible to operate it using the baselinker itself, which greatly improved the organization of work. The challenge for us was that the store had to be configured so that it was compatible with other sales channels and that it provided the service with a number of specific information needed for the proper operation of other systems that it used.

We have expanded the store with our own extensions, such as: In the case of orders for a company, it is possible to fill in the form with the company’s data collected from the Central Statistical Office using the NIP number. We have separated individual color variants of products into separate items in the store, while allowing them to be combined so that the transition between colors is convenient and intuitive.

An outdated and in some places underdeveloped online store.

The merger of the store with Baselinker improved the organization of work. Our proprietary extensions made the use of the Pako Jeans store convenient and intuitive.