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01. We create websites and stores

Quickly and with attention to aesthetics

02. We manage and update content

Comprehensive care for your website or store

03. We optimize and position them

To continuously improve our clients’ results and their profits

04. We advertise products and services

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Are you looking for a unique way to strengthen your online presence in Bytom? We will create your online store that attracts attention, is easy to navigate and ranks high in search results. Thanks to our services of creating e-shops in Bytom, we can help you reach new customers, increase sales and improve the image of your company. Use our knowledge and experience in creating online stores to achieve your intended goals.

tworzenie stron internetowych

Why is it worth trusting us?

Jesteśmy doświadczonymi ekspertami od tworzenia sklepów internetowych w Bytomiu,who are aware of the key role of online presence for companies.Stawiamy na indywidualne podejście do projektów i dostosowanie ich do potrzeb klientówwhich ensures uniqueness and high quality of services. Our transparent communication and involvement in every stage of store design guarantee effective implementation in line with customer expectations. It is worth trusting us because we are professionals who strive to achieve the best results for our clients.

We create online stores using:

What makes us the best among companies creating online stores in Bytom?

As experts in creating online stores in Bytom, we offer the best solutions for customers. Our company stands out from the rest thanks to many years of experience, a team of experts in e-shop design, programming, graphics and internet marketing, as well as a comprehensive approach to projects.

Our websites are aesthetic, easy to navigate, functional and effective in achieving business goals. We use the latest tools and technologies, and we also offer professional support and care after the project is completed.

We are sure that we are the leading company in creating online stores in Bytom.

bezpieczeństwo stron internetowych


Efficiency of an online store is crucial for success nowadays. Our company specializes in creating e-shops optimized in terms of loading speed. We offer fast and reliable hosting and use advanced caching and compression technologies. Thanks to this, we ensure the highest performance of the store, which attracts more visitors and increases conversion. Our company is the best choice for those who are looking for a fast and efficient online store service.

responsywność stron internetowych


The responsiveness of an online store is a key factor in its effectiveness, as most people browse e-commerce stores on mobile devices. For the store to beresponsowny, it should be designed with mobile devices in mind from the very beginning of the creation, optimized in terms of loading speed and tested on various devices and operating systems. If the store is not responsive, it may have a negative impact on positioning in search results and the loss of potential customers.

optymalizacja seo stron internetowych

Optymalizacja SEO

Appropriate SEO optimization is crucial for the success of any website, it increases traffic to the online store, sales and profits. Important elements of optimization are keywords, unique content, correct tags, titles and descriptions, internal and external linking. Our experience and knowledge allow us to constantly track the results of SEO optimization, which allows us to constantly improve and perfect the process. Our online stores are properly optimized for SEO and help our clients achieve high positions in search results.

We are a team
which specializes in creating online stores.

We always try to provide our clients with the highest level of quality and functionality in our projects.

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To ensure that your online store is friendly, we need to take care of several key factors. First of all, we design your e-shop so that it is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. It will also be user-friendly and responsive across devices. Ultimately, the store will take on an aesthetic and legible design to attract the attention of users. As a result, customers will be more likely to use your services.

Chcesz stworzyć sklep internetowy w Bytomiu?

An online store needs to go through several steps to be perfect. First, think about the goals and needs of your store and provide us with as much material as possible, such as company logos, product photos or service descriptions. Also, provide us with guidelines for the appearance of the store, such as preferred colors and fonts. Then, our team will create a store design and will contact you during the work. If you have decided to start designing your online store, please contact us.

Dedicated solutions

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we create effective online stores based on PrestaShop, OpenCart or WordPress platforms with the Woocommerce plugin. We adapt the platforms to the individual needs of clients and the characteristics of their industry and market. Our stores are fast and intuitive, which makes it easy for users to find the information and products they need.

Personalization of the e-shop is crucial because it allows for a better understanding of customer needs and effective reaching of their target groups, which contributes to gaining new contacts and increasing sales. We use the latest technologies and constantly train ourselves to provide you with high-quality online stores that attract attention. We are ready to help our clients in Bytom to create their image on the Internet.

See ourportfolio

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our portfolio of online stores, which presents our extensive experience in designing stores for various industries and companies. Our projects are in line with the latest trends and technologies, optimized for SEO and responsive, thanks to which they adapt to various devices. View portfolio and contact us so we can help you succeed online.

tworzenie sklepów internetowych

Shop created for

Website + Advertising

Page optimization and effective positioningprofesjonalne strategie i kampanie reklamowe.

Creating websites and stores is always getting into the specifics of various industries. Understanding the topic allows for even better adjustment of the advertisement to the needs of our client or the use of an individual solution. We advise, implement and report, thanks to which the client himself assesses the real profit.

Our solutions will help your company grow faster

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