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Tworzymy Websites

01. We create websites and stores

Quickly and with attention to aesthetics

02. We manage and update content

Comprehensive care for your website or store

03. We optimize and position them

To continuously improve our clients’ results and their profits

04. We advertise products and services

All services in one place to save time


Are you tired of looking for more creators, agencies, programmers, self-proclaimed freelancers to create your most beloved and the greatest online store in the world, which will be timeless and will become a universal showcase that will last in the memory of your customers forever (amen)?


We will not tell you that we are at your disposal – because you may not be interested in us at all. But we are you! We will be happy to bother you with our questions about what your company does, what it does, how you created it – we will ask about everything that may be important, but not necessarily for you. Because that’s what, hehe, we are!

You know yourself that being a professional and a professional in your field, you are only human and you sell your products yourself, writing about professionalism everywhere, you must maintain a certain business form.

But we are still people and sometimes tired of specialized language, we just want a website that is fast and does not break down.

So let’s ditch the conventions and read what we have to say. Sit comfortably, cover yourself with a blanket and wear it.

tworzenie stron internetowych

Why is it worth trusting us?

And who is ordering you? Do not trust anyone! You just found interesting people doing their job. You don’t have to understand how your store works in ultra-technical terms – unless you want to – but in general, we’ll take care of it from A to Z. Believe me, by learning how to operate the store, you’ll end up like our colleague who is a director by profession and an actor, and yet he said that he would do online stores. Fortunately, we have more developers than artists on the team, so don’t worry – your online store will be in good hands.

Bielsko-Biała is a wonderful city, we would like to live there. Fortunately, the world is a global village thanks to the Internet, so we feel as if we were there, already on our way to Szyndzielnia.

Your store will be positioned in the Google search engine like the highest peaks in Szczyrk, Ustroń and even Istebna! Not to mention the Vistula.

We create online stores using:

What makes us the best among companies creating online stores in Bielsko-Biała?

Sense of humor. Well, what, you sit so much at the computer and you already get it. You do these online stores, you write these texts for SEO (positioning) and suddenly it turns out that some little crap doesn’t want to work. Why? And this is where you start sculpting and looking for a problem in the whole thing. Sometimes it’s the kind of thing that takes you 6 hours and you don’t need it to live at all and you wonder why you’re wasting your time on it.

And that’s what you pay us for. For the fact that you won’t waste this time, and we’ve wasted so much of it so far that we already know where the problem is and where to look for a solution.

bezpieczeństwo stron internetowych

Lightning-fast shop!

Our stores run like skiers and snowboarders on the slopes in Szczyrk! And it’s like they’re going to hell!

If you want an e-commerce store like this, that’s how we’ll do it. We can test it together, meeting together on the slope and calculate the loading time of the store relative to the fastest skier that will be available on the slope at the moment.

responsywność stron internetowych

Sklep duży, sklep mały – serce rośnie

Tired of reading about something called “RESPONSIVE”? Everyone writes it, because it’s true that people buy via smartphones, browse the web … The question is rather – how many people who buy do it during the morning meeting in the toilet. Probably a lot. Therefore, we have to adapt your online store to mobile phones.

It’s not a problem, because we’ll just do it.

optymalizacja seo stron internetowych

Pozycja na szczycie

Each of us has different preferences… Khm. We like to be at the top and it is best that our clients are at the top too. I mean no. You know what it’s all about. SEO is an important thing, Google’s algorithms are merciless and will detect fake texts. Hence, you are reading this text in exactly this form, because this is our hidden test – whether this type of narrative of selling a product or service makes sense at all.

Call us and we will definitely tell you if our strategy worked.

We are a team
which specializes in creating online stores.

Well, what’s there to say. It is how it is. There’s no such thing as good or bad. You just get up in the morning, open your eyes, make your bed and do page after page, shop after shop.

Sklepy przyjazne klientom

They smile at you, hug you when you need it (but not too hard!), and even comfort you. How? Because you will see that you are getting new customers, willingly leaving money for your services or products. Thanks to this, you can act, sleep peacefully – because in the end money does not bring happiness, but peace does.

Chcesz stworzyć sklep internetowy w Bielsku-Białej?

listen. Such a story. The world has really gone crazy. There are so many options for making money online that creating an online store that sells is pure pleasure these days. Well, because you really want to sit stationary in your facility? Unless you have a nice shop – it’s obvious, it’s nice to sit, have a cup of coffee and talk directly to the customer. However, we like it when you sit on islands and with a few clicks you can work your way through your automated sales system.

Maldives, Bahamas, Cape Verde… Sounds good, admit it.


The online store is supposed to work and that’s the end of it. Don’t let yourself be told that ‘but sir, because it can’t be changed here, because this, because that’. There are a billion reasons, but there are exactly the same number of ways to solve them.

And now it’s time for dedications

We dedicate Majka Jeżowska’s song to you – I can do anything.
With your websites you can do anything! Only within common sense.

And now it’s time for the Hall of Fame

We wouldn’t be ourselves if we weren’t proud of what we’ve done. See ourportfolioand make sure that we do not dim. We talk, we know – but that’s because there’s so much to talk about online stores. Let’s talk about smoking meats, fishing, or simply about weeding your garden beds. You don’t have a garden? Cool. It can be on the balcony. Don’t you have a balcony? And that’s sorry, we can just talk like this, oh, no strings attached or expectations.

tworzenie sklepów internetowych

Shop created for

Website + Advertising

Page optimization and effective positioningprofesjonalne strategie i kampanie reklamowe.

Creating websites and stores is always getting into the specifics of various industries. Understanding the topic allows for even better adjustment of the advertisement to the needs of our client or the use of an individual solution. We advise, implement and report, thanks to which the client himself assesses the real profit.

Our solutions will help your company grow faster

We will take care of the attractive appearance of the website or store

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